Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pumpkin 'Bumkin' Prints

I think I was too embarrassed to post this last year.
But apparently, I don't care now.
So, I will share my favorite Fall decoration we have up in our house!

Sarah actually found this idea and shared it with me. I was just brave enough to have a play date at our house with a friend who would not find this activity strange.

Luke & Hudson's Bumkins.

Our Playdate's Bumpkin!

And this is Carter's 8 month Bum....

We LOVE those Bumpkins!!!

(Luke, Hudson and Carter....12 months & 8 months.)


  1. Ok, that is seriously cute and not weird. Well, at some point it could get weird. lol but by then the kids will be able to say, "MOM! It's not cute anymore!" ;)

  2. That is very cute! Thanks for sharing this. I have a feeling my kids are too old for this, but what fun for little ones!

  3. That's so cute, and funny! Gotta love a baby bum! Thanks for sharing at Mommy Moment :)



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