Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Edible Finger Paint

Painting with toddlers is so exciting. By that I mean:
There is nothing calm about it!

It is fast, furious and the clean up is just the same!

But they LOVE it! So, I love it!

Throw in a friend (or a sibling, if you have one) and it adds a whole new dimension of learning!

Here is what we started with.

Get your pen out. This recipe is LONG:

Plain yogurt.
1 drop of food coloring.
Repeat for more colors.
That is all.

Dressed Undressed and ready to go!

Let the good times roll!

Carter's buddy was really into this!
He totally led the way!

Collaborative Art: Working as a team, toward a common goal of self expression.
They sure did that! All over the table, patio, patio furniture and of course...themselves!

It was a fabulous day!

Thanks for playing Trevor and Cat!
Side note: Trevor is the other China-born-Texan in our building! That's right, there are two!


  1. Sarah, that is toddler art at its best! Thank you for sharing the receipe.

  2. Yeah! I can't wait to do this with GB. Love messy fun like this! :)

  3. I discovered this on "its play time". This is so innovative and pure fun for the toddlers! I can't wait to try this with my daughter and niece!

  4. Sarah, you don't know me, but I carted you around as a baby and your mom carted me around as a baby and your grandma was my surrogate grandma. Just found your mom on facebook which led me to you. Just neat to see how you and Brandon turned out (Brandon was the first baby I ever babysat.)

    Love, Missy Hooks Dollahon

  5. What a great idea. With toddlers, edible is always better and the more senses engaged, the more fun! Thank you for sharing, and it's so nice meeting you.

  6. This is a fun one, that is for sure!! Have "clean up" tools on hand!

    @Missy: I'm so excited you found us on here! Ha ha! What a small world! I know who you are and used to be very jealous of you when I was little. I always wondered how you got to be the flower girl in my parents' wedding...and not me. Ha ha! So funny! I can't wait to follow your blog! My mom will be so excited to see you on here!

  7. I love recipes with only two ingredients! That's just my kind of recipe! My Sweet Pea loves to 'paint' her yoghurt all over her high chair tray, but I never thought of adding food colouring to it. Thanks for the idea, and thanks for sharing on Outdoor Play!

  8. Those are a couple of cuties! Love this idea. I can say I have never painted with yogurt. I'd love for you to come share at Fun For Kids Friday.

    Jo @ SmileMonsters

  9. OH my GOSH! That is adorable. I am absolutely doing this with my youngest daughter this week. Thanks so much for the idea and for sharing that complicated recipe! hehe
    So glad you joined the outdoor play link up!

  10. Amazing idea! Thanks for sharing. I love those colors.

  11. Just happened upon this blog..and THANK YOU. This is just what I'm looking for. My 9 mo loves to paint, but also loves to eat the paint - this will be perfect for him!

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  13. Question: Does this dry or is it a do the activity take pictures and then throw away kind of thing?

    1. Great question! Totally a throw away kind of thing. I kind of wonder if it would get stinky too? But it was so thick that peeling it off the table in one piece didn't work! Ha! Have you tried it?

  14. Sarah, I love this post!! I featured it on the FaveCrafts blog. You can view the post here: Feel free to share it with your readers!





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