Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Flower Pot Stepping Stones

Last Saturday night, while having dinner at a friend's home, Carter's new found need to push his growing muscles to extremes lead him to wander into their kitchen, and peer up over the counter at the adults sitting at the dinner table. To glance over and see his little face over the counter was not only shocking, it was frightening!

How was this physically possible?

While in a panic, I ran to his side of the bar to notice he had conquered a step stool!

Isn't it shocking the first time you see them do some new physical feat!?

Well, a few days later, while shopping at our grocery store, the "Dollar" aisle was promoting colorful flower pots for spring time!

I thought, if I could just use these as stools it would be a wonderful way to build upon his new need to climb. (With supervision, of course!) So I bought 4, in blue and green, so that we can also chant the patterned colors.

He was very proud!

Victory Dance!
(Notice there is a random block and cracker in his hands.)

As you all know...their own idea is always their favorite though.
He discovered that they are great for stacking,
so this is what he uses them for most of the time!

Happy Climbing!

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  1. This is a wonderful way to promote balance and give those large motor skills a workout! He looks like he is having a ball!

  2. How lovely and child centred! I am so pleased you linked it up to It's Playtime today, thank you!

  3. Oh my gosh! What a clever use for those pots. Such a great idea. Have to be on the lookout for cheap, sturdy pots.
    Thanks for sharing.



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