Thursday, April 14, 2011

Kids Crafts: Bunny Painting!

Let the count down begin!
I love holidays. ALL.OF.THEM.
I think the 'bulletin board display making' side of me is always dying to come out.

So when my friend, Allison, asked me to come over to paint today, I said YES!

Paint, Wiggle eyes, card stock, cotton balls, sharpie.

  • When you put the paint on your child's hand, press it down onto the paper with their fingers spread apart to form the bunny ears!
  • Add eyes, cut pink paper for the ears, and throw a cotton ball on the thumb! Use the sharpie to add the final touches and you are done!

It turned out cuter than I anticipated!!
Just try to refrain your excitement and not go wake up your child to do this craft right now!

And do a little bunny hop while you are waiting for your turn!

Egg Cooking Tips:
From Martha Stewart herself: (I do this every time and they peel super easy!)


  1. Place eggs in a large saucepan. Cover them with cool water by 1 inch. Slowly bring water to a boil over medium heat; when the water has reached a boil, cover and remove from heat. Let sit 12 minutes.
  2. Transfer eggs to a colander; place under cool running water to stop the cooking. Eggs can be peeled and served immediately. Remaining eggs, with shells on, may be refrigerated in an airtight container for up to 3 days.

Some cute ideas I've found for dying eggs:
Dinosaur Eggs from Our Best Bites:

Wax Resist Eggs from Martha Stewart:

And for those of you who want to dye eggs, but don't want the really little ones eating food coloring or chemicals. Directions found here!:


  1. Cute crafts!

    Can you please have Sarah email- tamara (at) teachingwithtlc (dot) com, She was interested in participating with Teaching Blog Addict. Thank you!

    Great blog!

  2. Aren't hands amazing? They can be used creatively in so many ways. Thanks for coming to play with us over at It's Playtime and sharing your bunny painting!

    Rachele @ Messy Kids

  3. The bunny is very effective and I love the Martha Stewart eggs. I think you might like to take a look at the blown eggs The Artful Parent did where she added decoupage:

  4. Love those hands and dino eggs! Great ideas!

  5. Cute ideas, adorable blog! I fixed ours, but haven't updated. Maybe in 18 years???



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