Monday, April 25, 2011

Teaching Blog Addicts

Big news:

We've just joined the ranks of writing for the website: Teaching Blog Addict. And we can't be more excited!

This new blog is amazing for all teachers at home or in the classroom! It should come with a warning though:

BEWARE: If you start and can't may be an addict.

There are so many tools you learn as a teacher that help you in parenting too. Take a peek at this blog to get an idea of what teachers talk about and "tools" they use to help with teaching techniques, specific skills, relationships, classroom management (aka: keeping your class running as smooth as possible...great for at home too!)

Check it out and follow along!!

Well here goes nothing:

I'm Sarah, and I'm a Teaching Blog Addict.

(Whew, I feel much better now!)

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