Thursday, October 6, 2011

Lacing Bucket

Fine Motor work is so important, just think of all you do with those little hand muscles!

If you really need a reason....Pre-Writing skills!  You're little baby needs strong muscles to start writing all of those college essays!  ;o)  Plus, it's fabulous developmentally appropriate fun!

This Lacing Bucket is homemade...
I know, I know, it looks like a Melissa & Doug toy.  (NOT.)

Materials needed:
1. Coffee tub, with cardboard sides, not the metal sides.  
2. Thin rope.  I found mine at the Dollar Store.  
I like this better than yarn because it is stiffer and easier for his little hands.  
If you DO use yarn, tape up the ends to make it stiff!!

How to make it?
1. Spray paint the tub...optional.
2. Make holes in it.  
I stabbed it with a screwdriver...I was too lazy to find the screws.
3. Cut the rope into different lengths.

Threading is tough!! 

Show them how and let them at it!

I was expecting and ready for some frustrated melt downs! But pleasantly surprise.

If they do seem a bit frustrated, help them out.  
If a meltdown occurs, try again another day.
They may not be ready for the job and they are letting you know!

When all done, put the ropes in the tub, and lid back on!  It stores nicely!

~Sarah  (Carter 20 months)


  1. I like this idea! I wonder if making oversized holes might be good for little ones?

  2. Katey,

    Give it a try! It will help the younger ones out for sure!! What about even block size??'ve got me thinking!!!

    Let us know if you try it out and how it goes!!


  3. I've seen something similar but they used a stainless steel colander and pipe cleaners. Carter looks like he has the hang of it! Such a great mom and teacher!!

  4. I've also been thinking of trying a colander and pipe cleaners-- but I love how you've re-purposed a coffee can! We need to drink more coffee around here so I can do fun things like this! :)

  5. Tara and Amanda,

    Pipe cleaners will be a fun way to "freshen" up this game!! We've gotta keep them interested, right!? Ha! For us, that can be the hardest part.


  6. I've enjoyed doing the colander and pipe cleaners, but I love this idea too. Thanks for sharing Sarah!

  7. My husband just suggested an oatmeal canister since our coffee comes in plastic containers. I love the pipe cleaner idea too :) Thanks for sharing!



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