Friday, September 30, 2011

Fast and Furious: Art Wall

I have been talking about an art wall for a really long time. I even linked some pictures awhile back of just hanging empty frames and rotating the art. Well, never happened.

So, after a great art session with Luke, I thought, what am I going to do with these 20 scribble art pictures. They are too precious to throw away... just yet. I mean, he was even naming them, like masterpieces. Because to him, they ARE!

And, telling him how great they were only made him want to draw more.

So, I thought, why not do what I did in my classroom. Teachers, well me, hate spending their own money on classroom stuff. So I would just make do with what I had available to me at the time.  Same thought went through my head today at home.

Poor Man's Art Wall:
Staple Gun
Paper Clips or Clothes Pins

Art to  Art Wall in less than 30 minutes, complete with hand painted sign! (I'm telling you it really was fast and furious)
Just tie a knot at one end, and staple it to the wall. I got out the level and had my husband helped me. String it the wherever you want it to end, and staple it up, and tie a knot. Pull it really tight and and one more staple. And then add a staple to the middle so it wont sag too bad.

And there you have it! Art Wall complete.


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  1. So sweet! You've motivated me to JUST DO IT!! Sometimes I want to overly research ideas, when really, I need to just get moving!!



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