Saturday, September 17, 2011

My Perfect yet Ordinary Day

I loved this little photography assignment.
Seriously random, yet fun, never captured before moments.
Its like having my own reality tv show.

Anyways. MY day in pictures. I hope I don't bore you.

It really started at 5:30 when my husband's alarm goes off and he turns on the TV and listens to the news. I ignore all of it and fall quickly back to sleep until my alarm monitor goes off. Today it was 7:12. Not bad. 12 minutes longer than normal. I'll take it.

7:35- Cuddles during the Today Show with Mommy. This happens to be a commercial break with sheep, and they were practicing saying "baaaa" quickly after this picture.
 8:35- I was cleaning up breakfast (apple cinnamon pancakes) The boys were playing trains alone.

 9:35- I'm running late to Baby Boot Camp. (No Surprise there. Since having twins, I ALWAYS run late.)
 10:35- Bootcamp is over, I am trying to put on Hudson's shoes so he can run around with the other kids.

11:35- We stopped by ELP to check on Grammy and she gave the boys their first Blow Pop! They LOVED it.  (Luke cried and ran away fast when he thought I was dropping him off for school. Poor Buddy!)
12:35- No Picture: Boooo. Imagine me in the boys room trying to get Hudson to fall asleep and not wake up Luke.

1:35pm- There are eruptions of laughter coming from this door.

2:35pm- At the 99cents store. Seriously, the stuff they have now is amazing.
3:35- We are about to go swimming. Luke is outside eating a popsicle and Hudson is inside watching Yo Gabba Gabba. (I know, they watch some TV now. I knew it would happen sooner or later.)
4:35 pm- Done swimming for a bit, waiting for Daddy to come home to swim again. Snack Break.
5:35pm- Trying to get out the door to go to dinner with friends. I am holding Luke and took his pic.

6:35- I FORGOT to take a picture. BOOO. But just picture Hudson not happy during dinner. Luke sitting extremely quietly, Carter R. being a ninja and Mommy and Melissa chugging wine.

7:35-Dinner is over! Melissa and Luke about to run in the water!
8:35 Life is quiet again
9:35pm He wants me to scratch his back. Seriously Rita, I love you, but you ruined him.
10:35pm... lights out around here!


  1. Love it! Brandon and Travis have something in common- back scratches! Oh the jobs of being a wife and a mommy! I told Travis he should do this on his next full day with Cade!

  2. Those 2 keep you busy! Good thing they're adorable :) I loved your day. Thank you so much for participating!



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