Sunday, September 11, 2011

Extreme Makeover: Playroom Edition

Not really!! I just cleaned it out today during nap time. I took a box of toys to the little boy a few houses down, and saved a couple that the boys really loved.

But with their 2nd birthday quickly approaching and then Christmas around the corner, the room just needed some organizing.

This is nothing new or original.  And I'm betting everyone else has already done this, it just took me this long to get on the bandwagon....
Are you ready for it?


I know, classic. My husband laughs knowing, the toys will be thrown out in 2.5 seconds after they wake up. But we will just keep practicing how to clean them up.  I hope.

Start with a clean room!

Then take pictures of your drawers. Upload to Picnik, and add text! (I like to use a font that is thick, but has lowercase letters.)
Print on cardstock, and I told my printer to print 6 pictures to a page, so they would be smaller.

Cut, and cover with packing tape.

I left one blank, because it is like the 'junk' drawer. Whatever has no home ends up here!
This toy bin is from Ikea in case anyone is curious.  Cheap, but does the job.


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