Wednesday, September 7, 2011

All about me books

Our first school project was to make a book all about your child for the class library!

I had a little too much fun.
I think I have been waiting to be on this side of the making projects for YEARS!

It was so easy, and the boys LOVE reading their books to anyone who will sit and listen!  But I think it would be great to do and put in your own reading library at home! How fun would it be to add others too!! You could have a book all about Mommy, or Grammy, or Daddy!

Supplies needed:
One file folder cut in half

I let the boys decorate the inside of their 'books' with markers and stickers. Luke went to town with the stickers, Hudson choose not to use any. I love how they are so different, even artistically!

AND let me share the best kept secret. Although, it isn't a secret. I just didn't know about how awesome it was until 6 months ago.
Upload your pictures, click create collage, and then you can add words, stickers, frames, etc! It is so easy, and you won't waste photo paper printing out all those separate pictures!  (AND FREE)

For the back... Handprint Owls.  (They are in the Owl Room at school!!)
However, I forgot to take a picture after I added the hands for wings! But just place each hand on the side pointing down slightly.


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