Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lunch ideas for Kids

I am going to start by saying, I am by no means the nutrition police.
And, if I am really honest, I ate cookies for breakfast.
Maybe even 4.
Oh gosh, if my husband is reading this, he is the nutrition police.

But I am really getting ready for the twins to stay at their preschool for 'friends and fun' which is extended hours. They eat lunch and take naps there.  Which has my brain thinking, "sew a nap mat" and "get a lunch box".

My brain is all over the place. I feel like raising 2 toddlers has given me ADD.

Anyways, back to the point of this post.

You can all picture those lunches you see kids with in the cafeteria at school. Everything pre portioned, prepackaged and ready to go.  It's easy, I get it. I need more easy in my life too.

Which brings me to lunchbots, I have been stalking them for about a year. I read about them on another blog, and she had posted some awesome pictures of all the great lunch ideas. I fell in love!  I've been waiting for a reason to buy them.  (I am sure there are some great cheaper BPA free alternatives out there, too.) But Amazon sells them cheap, and I am an amazon mom addict.

Our preschool teacher asked that you send lunch in one tupperware container because it is easier for the children. And after 7 years of lunch duty, I can understand why!

Lunch can be healthy, delicious, nutritious, and look fun all at the same time! I had no idea!! :)

Halloween Lunch ideas:

(And if you google image Candy Corn Snack Mix about a billion images pop up. Some look healthier than others.)
Pictures from
  • Bat shaped cheese slices, bat shaped toast, deli meat roll ups, fresh fruit, carrots, and gummy body parts!Yum!!!

  • Love this! String cheese mummy sandwiches, silicon cups with apple slices, cherry tomatoes, and lunch meat toothpicks! (but I am a realist, I will never line the box with lettuce, but look how cute it looks for the picture!)

  • Now this one, everyone could make! Ham and Cheese sandwich, carrots,  fresh fruit, and, rice crispy treats!

Breakfast for lunch:
  • I make the entire batter of pancakes and freeze the leftovers. Take a couple out and they will be ready for  lunch. (Try making different flavored ones they suggest on the side of the box. My boys love the apple cinnamon and pumpkin ones.)

picture from
The ideas are endless, I think that is why I love the tupperware idea. Just shove it all in there, pack it on an ice pack in the lunch bag, and you are set!



  1. Wow, what adorable ideas for lunch!! That is my laziest meal of the lie. I never feel prepared and we are so rushed. Maybe if I put a bit of effort into it he'd eat better!? Who knows!!

    Love it! So cute!

  2. what are the black pieces on the mummy sandwiches?? I love them & would like to make some!

  3. It looks like sea weed aka Nori... but you could use a fruit roll up, jelly, or even peanut butter!



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