Friday, September 16, 2011

Just an Ordinary Day

After crying through Sarah's post yesterday morning, I found myself crying as I ended my night last night.
Kids grow up too fast, and before you know it, our roles as mothers has changed.
Take a few minutes and watch this video:

(Nothing tragic happens, just a well written story about a mother and her love for her boys.)

Now, check out Baby Rabies post about everyone blogging their Ordinary Day.  I let so many 'ordinary' days pass without even getting out my camera, or writing down funny conversations... because they happen every single day. And I think this stage will never end. But sadly, it will. And before you know it, I will be like the lady in the video... only BOTH my boys will leave for college at the same time.  Sigh. I have baby fever.

Baby Rabies posted her day in 16 pictures.

I started taking pictures at 7:30 this morning, every hour on the hour. I will share my day... tomorrow.
It's pretty fun to look at all the things you do that are just ordinary, and see them in a whole new light!


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