Saturday, October 8, 2011

Repurpose a Milk Jug

On a Coffee-High during Carter's nap, I was on a productive rage through the house!  This isn't normal behavior but I'm pretty sure the next few post from me will have taken place on this day.

(Bad iPhone picture.)

Do you always seem to have milk cartons in the recycle bin too??

In a bind for funnels, I cut them in half with a Big 'Ol Knife.

Then, trimmed them up with the scissors.  

Voila!  Funnels or Scoops (if keeping the lid on!)

Teacher Tip:
Bath toy!!  Think, daily, majorly fun, full body Sensory Tub! :)
Bring them to the playground for digging in some dirt!
Recycle Bin when the "repurposing" is old news!


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