Sunday, October 9, 2011

Environmental Print IS reading!

Did you know that my boys can read?!!
They are 2.
It's impressive.

Kidding, kind of. 
Environmental print is everywhere, and it is the first stages of pre reading.  The symbols, signs, and pictures tell your children a message. For each child it may be slightly different.

If this sounds like a foreign language to all our non teacher readers, please check out Pre-K Pages, she does an awesome job breaking it down.  And even has great ideas for pre-k teachers, or moms!

  • Check out her homework assignment! Each child was asked to bring in the cover of their favorite cereal box. (The only thing I would have done different is put black dots under each word for my kids to practice touching as they read.)  And then you have an awesome repetition book! (Meaning each page says ________ eats _________.)

photo from

Other environmental print examples:

My boys see this:
And say Apples.
We drive through and get apple slices (they are $1.00 and the skins are peeled.)  
They have yet to realize how amazing the french fries are.

They see this:

And they say lemonade.
I am SO SO sorry if you don't have one in your state. 
Truly, you are missing out on the best company geared for family fun.

Not everything revolves around food!
Luke see's this sign and shouts "hair cut" every single time.
Which is daily.
He has been there twice.
It really is amazing.

So, I decided to make an environmental print poster. But it would be just as fun to make a book, or collage, or put it in those fun picture cubes.

Environmental Print Poster:
Large sheet of Construction Paper
ClipArt, magazine pictures, food labels, real pictures, etc

My poster:

If I really wanted to do my poster right, I would have taken pictures of the signage where we actually go, like HEB, The Mall, parks, stop signs, school, school busses, etc.
Maybe that could be my next outing with the kids. and I could turn it into a book! Ohhh... and call it The Places We Go... 

I feel the need to add more posters to the wall. And SOON.

And before you throw out your trash next week, PLEASE, I beg you.... Take 30 seconds and just read this quick page from Dr. Jean's Trashable to Teachable!  It really is reading plus so much more!


  1. Suzie, what a great message! I'm going to have to remember to collect logos Carter recognized! Right now, he is still finding busses, trains, trucks and playgrounds! Ha ha! I can't wait!! What fun ideas!

  2. YES =) I am the mom who also labels things in my fridge so that when the kids open it, they see environmental print!

  3. Oh! I love that environmental print book! What a great idea. I also like to make one with symbols of various places and a sentence on each page that says, "I go to McDonalds. I go to Chick-fil-a. I go to..." (Or substitute I for the child's name). I agree that environmental print is reading... it's just very early reading!

  4. This is how my 5yo started reading! I love the book idea =)

  5. A book sounds like a great idea! What a good mom. . . apples and no fries?

    You said your boys are two? Twins? I have twins. My twins are eight and a boy and a girl. I'd love it if you checked out my Beginning Reading Help blog.

  6. Yes TWINS! Eight.... I bet you are having a great time now!! Apples and no fries... I am mean! haha



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