Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Photos: Create Memories & Build LANGUAGE!

We all know that blogging is a way to share our stories, our lives, our joys and sorrows and our beliefs with others. It keeps family and friends near and far entwined in our daily lives.

While visiting both Sarah and Suzy, I was amazed at the joy their boys had when reviewing the blog photos.  Pictures of a petting zoo experience came alive again as animal sounds and descriptive words came flowing out.  Pictures of an afternoon of swimming and pool basketball brought about lots of exciting conversation.  When we look at photos we have the opportunity to relive the experience.  Our senses come alive!  We can feel the wool on the sheep and the fur on the bunnies.  We can remember the cheering and excitement of jumping in the water and making a basket in the pool basketball game.  Every experience is a learning experience even when it is repeated and relived by looking at photos.

When you "relive" the experience with your children through photos, give them words.  STRETCH their vocabulary with positional words, such as "The cow is in front of the duck" etc.  Describe the way the animals felt, the way the flowers in the garden smelled, the taste of the blueberries you took on the picnic, etc.  They are building their vocabulary, their comprehension and are learning to "read" pictures. Most of all they are becoming story tellers and will soon be able to put their stories on paper.  Who knows?  They may be a published author one day!

Now, if you are more like me and not as tech savvy or use your computer strictly for "grown ups" here are a few easy and very inexpensive ideas to chronicle your family's life...create memories and build that language!

Tip #1 Never leave the house without your camera. Remember, everyday is an adventure and memories are being made.  Luckily, with Smart Phones, this is easy!

Tip #2 Snap the pictures!  Don't wait for those perfectly posed moments or you wll never have a finished product.  Just snap!!!!!  The more the better.

Tip #3 Every occassion is a special one.  Whether it is a morning at the park or a trip to the grocery store, turn it into a future learning experience and chronicle it with photos.
Tip#4 Print your photos.  Having them stored in your camera or having rolls of undeveloped film is no good to your child or to you.  PRINT THEM!
Tip #5 Don't store them in a box or toss them in a cabinet (sound familiar kids?) for that time when you will sit down and make those special, beautiful scrapbooks. That time never happened in this house. There are no beautiful scrapbooks, just shoe boxes of photos. I had good intentions though. :)

Tip #6 Go to the Dollar Store and purchase several small individual photo albums. The ones I am thinking of are about the size of a wallet. Fill them up!

Tip #7 You can make your own photo book by taking sandwich size zip lock baggies, put 2 photos back to back in each bag, zip it up and staple or binder ring several together for a photo book. Like So.

Tip #8 Sort the photos and place them in the books by events or outings or days.

Tip #9 Sit and relive the experience with your child. Add more descriptive language each time you "read" the photos.

Tip #10 Simple little photo book are perfect for something familiar or comfortable, when going to nursery or to a friends house.  They are perfect for a car trip or airplane travel, as well.  What a perfect little something to take to bed for nap or night time to recap the day.

Remember, make memories.


  1. I love looking back at old pictures!! However, I MUST print them! I am really really bad about doing that!

  2. Mom, I couldn't agree more....I just need to get those stinking pictures out of the computer!!!



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