Friday, November 5, 2010

Leaf Book (Ziplock Baggie Book)

While jogging the other day, I noticed tons of big leaves on the ground! So we stopped for a quick break to explore the leaves! Luckily, my camera was still in the stroller from Halloween!

"This is serious work!"

"Why wouldn't I try and eat the leaves?"

I wanted to take some leaves home to let him check them out a bit more. So I snagged a few leaves on the way out.

I was just going to put them in ziplock baggies for him to explore. But, knowing him, they would be chomped to pieces shortly after. SO I decided to make them into a little board book with hopes that they will last a bit longer.

Here's how it was done:

The supplies: Cheerio Boxes for cardboard...I live in China, remember.
Ziplock baggies. These are the pages and cover. I used 6.
Durable Tape.
Hole puncher.
String or Ribbon for the binding.

Here is the start of my pages. I cut out the cereal boxes and glued red paper and leaves. If I had a Target I would just buy colored poster board and glue the leaves. Even quicker, 3.5x11 card stock...time is precious!

Lots of tape (and my dog hiding under the desk). One piece per ziplock bag.

Add each bag, one by one, with a piece of tape. Then tape the whole length of the binding really well. This will make hole punching really easy too! Then give it 4 punches!

Tie them up! Again...if I had Target I would use yarn. But as you can see, it doesn't matter!

Then stuff the pages in the baggies!

I have an extra page at the end where some pictures of Carter in the leaves will go!



  1. How sweet! I think this is a perfect idea for remembering a nature hike. :) Thanks for linking up on Trashy Tuesday!



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