Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Apple Time!

Apples are a staple at snack time in most homes during the autumn season. Red, green, yellow... they are all great!

A fun cooking activity for your little one is:

Open one roll of canned biscuits
Separate the biscuits and lay on a cookie sheet
Spoon in two spoonfuls of apple pie filling (canned)
Fold the biscuit over and press edges together with a fork
Brush melted butter over the bread and bake in the oven at 350 for 10 - 12 minutes.

Individual apple pies or tarts!


Save 1/2 apple for some art fun.

You can press in one popsicle stick in half of the apple or just use your fingers to hold it and start painting.

For Toddlers and two year olds:

1. Press apple in your choice of color of dry jello (add a couple drops of water to dampen the powder)
2. Press the apple on to a piece of paper.
3. Perfect example of a sensory experience. You can taste it, smell it, see it and touch it!

For two and three year olds:

1. Press apple on a stamp pad.
2. Press the inked apple on a piece of paper.

For three and four year olds:

1. Press apple in assorted colors of paint
2. Press the painted apple on a piece of paper.

Try this too: cut the apple in half different ways and enjoy the different prints.

Have FUN!!!!!!

**A few picture examples have been added to our nature art post! Check them out!

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