Monday, November 1, 2010

Pumpkin Painting with Pumpkin Puree

Art in the early years is all about exploration. You want your little one to explore new textures, smells, even tastes (yeah, tastes, you know it's going to happen, right?) You also want them to learn that creativity has no limits. You won't end up with a masterpiece but that is okay! That isn't the point, remember? Exploration and limitless creativity!

One of the activities that I loved doing in the classroom was pumpkin art. This could mean lots of different things. However, in the spirit of fall, pumpkins and mainly a 9 month old baby, we decided to paint a pumpkin with pumpkin puree! (Major tongue-twister!)

Here is how it went:

1. Observing the pumpkin very carefully. He was so interested. Of course, he leaned over to put his mouth on it!

2. He rolled it around. Took a peek inside and went for the seeds!
3. In comes the puree! Straight to the mouth!

4. Not too sure about the texture. But still going strong!

5. He lathers up the pumpkin, chair, himself (notice his hair) and he's done!

This activity is great for my little 9 month old for so many reasons!
  1. Super sensory oriented.
  2. Age appropriate. Use purees, yogurt, pudding instead of paint if they are still putting everything into their mouth.
  3. It is about the process of the activity, not the product you get at the end! Remember?
TEACHING TIPS: For older "not eating everything" kiddos
  • Try using marker on the pumpkin. This is fun because they can wipe it off and do it again!
  • Sticker collage. This is a good fine-motor (finger muscles) activity! It's hard work to peel those stickers!
  • Paint a pumpkin. (Process, not the product! A pumpkin doesn't need eyes, nose and a mouth!) Give them paint, brush and a pumpkin then sit back! (Even go for some glitter!)
  • Paint paper, using a pumpkin. Ditch the paint brush! All you need is paper, paint and a pumpkin. They can stamp the paper, roll the pumpkin...who knows what they will come up with! But let them lead the way.

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