Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Corn Starch Sensory Table

An impromptu rainstorm turned into an impromptu Sensory activity! 

By the way, we are so happy that all of our stuff has arrived in Canada!  
Including our Sensory Table!

We had THIS in our cupboard!

We added some mini pumpkins, tupperware, tongs, 

Cornstarch is so soft!  He had so much fun scooping it up, "just like a truck."  
He's obsessed with trucks at the moment.

This is messy work, no doubt.  He was covered in it, BUT totally worth it!  
He was engaged and hard working so intently for a good 30 minutes on this!  So sweet!

P.S.  This was impromptu, remember?  We didn't have a drop cloth....so used dry-cleaning wrappers!

~Sarah (& Carter 20 months)


  1. Fun! Cornstarch and water is really fun.

  2. Awesome! Love that this is impromptu -that's how it seems to roll at our house. :)



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