Monday, October 10, 2011

Creating a Home Learning Space

Honestly, the WHOLE world is your child's learning space!

And of course, your entire house is as well.  So don't feel that creating a separate space is absolutely necessary for your child to learn, because that is crazy talk!!

With that being said, I'm in panic mode as I'm warned daily about the Calgary Winter approaching in just a few short weeks.

Also, we have half of our basement to do something with...
So naturally, I thought that using the space for indoor activities (especially during winter) 
would be a great use of space!

It is a total mess right now. 

I'm just brainstorming ideas of set up and how we want to use the space.

But this is where we'll be spending our winter days.

A few prep projects I have in mind:

1. Paint the orange table and chair set.  A garage sale find for $30!
2. Organize our "library" collection.  (Possibly in a whole other closet.)
3. Create a rotation of selected books for different themes of interest. The selected books will be used in the basement and for different book baskets on each floor.  
(Example Themes: Fall, Thanksgiving, Pumpkins, etc. for now.)
4. Set up a few Work Stations, with planned, objective oriented, Play-Based activities.
5. Use the two walls above to display art or learning displays.  Hmm??

I was getting overwhelmed, then reminded myself that I only have ONE student!  

I don't need 5 MILLION activities!!  

Just a few each week will do.

And hopefully, all this talk of being stuck inside is just a joke.  Right??  Right???  Right??

So, do any ideas for the projects listed above??
I'd love your help!



  1. I work well with stations and would move your beautiful black? storage to partition off the table section and create 2 learning areas. you could have 1 side filled with your learning activities and the other as a display of either children's work or a word wall. Maybe an idea bulletin board over the table, a white board at kid height and an addition of a calendar time space.

  2. ohh I like that idea too!! Kinda like a partition for the two stations!
    I really can't wait to hear about this winter, I mean, really, can it be colder than Norway. Really??!!!!

  3. I absolutely love your blog and find the majority of your post's to be exactly what I'm looking for, love the idea, thank you so much for sharing this with us



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