Saturday, March 12, 2011

Johnny Appleseed Day

This is Suzie posting for Sarah. China has blocked them from facebook and blogger! Boo!!

Johnny Appleseed Day is celebrated twice a year, fall (September 26) and spring (March 11). So it's time to get your apple on!

In short, Johnny "Appleseed" Chapman was an American pioneer nurseryman. He introduced the apple tree to large areas of Ohio, Indiana and Illinois. (Wikipedia for more.) He is so special that he gets two days a year! Wow! The fall date is his birthday and a great time for apple-picking while the spring date is for appleseed planting. You have to plant to pick, right?

There are SO many great activities that you can do centered around apples it is ridiculous. I want to share so many with you!!

Read This: The book below is a favorite because of the great illustrations:

Sing This:
Johnny Appleseed

Oh, the Lord is good to me,
And so I thank the Lord,
For giving me the things I need,
The sun, the rain, the apple seed,
The Lord is good to me,
Amen !

First we observed and talked about the different apples. (This is a small apple. This apple is green. etc.)

Then he initiated a taste test.

He preferred the red.
Next, we did a little apple painting. I have a video of how to do this, because I couldn't take pictures, but I'll have to show it later. You put paper in a box-type container. (We used a rectangle Tupperware.) You blob the paint on the center of the paper and roll the apple around the box. Add in different colors and different apples!

Once again, things got a little messy! But we had fun!
This is defiantly process art but cut them into the shape of apples to hang around for a couple of days!

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  1. Love the pictures in this post.

    Nice to know we can celebrate this day twice a year.



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