Monday, July 18, 2011

Kitchen Helpers

I took a little blog hiatus when Sarah came into town. I also have been teaching swim lessons like a mad women! I heart summer!

I love to cook. (However, I am not a good cook.)

So, when I am in the kitchen, the twins pull up their chairs, and get right in the middle of what I am doing.

Annoying? Sometimes.
Messy? Always.
Helpful? Occasionally.

Sometimes, I feel like we are in our very own cooking show. I am talking, explaining, measuring, talking some more, running from kid to kid, counter to counter.... but I know they are having a blast and they MUST be learning something right?!!

An added bonus: They almost always eat what they helped me make. And hardly any food ends up on the floor!

I really think ALL children, boys and girls.... need to learn how to take their dirty dishes to the sink and rinse them off. So, no time like the present to start working on that little task!

I love my little kitchen helpers!
I challenge you to let your children join you in the kitchen too!



  1. How cute are your kids!!! When we have kids (one day) I def. want them to help in the kitchen!

  2. Adorable! It is necessary for children to know the "workings" of a kitchen.

  3. I try to take at least one of my children once a week to help in the kitchen. Everyone always helps clean up and most times we all set the table. It's good bonding and learning time. Somedays I like my peace and quiet. It's a good time to get them to practice music while a sibling is helping in the kitchen.

    The past two times I mowed the lawn I gave small yard jobs to each child. My kids are all in elementary school, so they are a little more independent. I'm working to teach my kids a little responsibility.

    The pics of your kids are adorable.

  4. Clean up training really is seriously great preparation for life. You'll be so glad that you've started this from an early age -- as it will be second nature by the time they are teen-agers.

    Stopping thru from WeTeach!



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