Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Beans and Pasta Shapes

A meaningful activity never has to be a big, fancy, deal.

In fact, at this age, lessons are so short and simple, that they are constantly happening.  Even when you aren't meaning too!  Which is why we should be thoughtful about our time and interactions with our little ones.  They are ALWAYS learning from you!  Scary!

I've been so bad about snapping pictures, blogging really.  But today I managed to snap a few of our post-breakfast fun!  

We read:

as a little introduction to our activity.

Then I grabbed:
  • index cards
  • pasta and beans (stolen from our sensory table)
  • glue
  • marker
I drew a circle, triangle and square then labeled it at the bottom.  As I drew, I talked about the shape and letters I was writing.

He chose to start with the circle.

I glued on the drawing and let him get busy with the pasta and beans!

We talked about the shapes, how many sides they had, and real life objects that are those shapes.

Did he finish all 3?  No.
Did he finish 1?  No.

That is how he rolls.

All of 5 minutes later, we hung them on our magnet board.  Glue dripping and all.

The most important part of crafty looking, glue, paint-ishy projects is the PROCESS, 
not the end product.

We had a good 5 minutes talking about these shapes, all while doing a little fine motor work!  That is what the process was about!

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