Friday, April 12, 2013

IKEA Hack: Creation Station

Ever since our visit at my neighbor's (neighbour's for all of you Canucks) for a birthday party I've been obsessed with their Creation Station in their main living area/kitchen area.  Literally, when I'm awoken for night time nursing sessions I have a hard time going back to sleep because I'm thinking about this table!  What is wrong with me?  But I want one!!

  First of all, these particular neighbors have really cool style!  They put a lot of thought into everything area of their home and make it livable for their entire family...even the youngest members.

Here is why it is so cool:

First, it has awesome storage using THIS unit from IKEA.  They've stocked it with art supplies and recyclables for what ever the imagination can create like, egg cartons, paper towel rolls, etc. 

Second, it is the perfect height so children can gather around and work, without sitting. Boy Moms, you know how that's not happening.  

Third, the top is a counter, used for a kitchen island (from IKEA), so it's totally wipeable, cut and finished...and inexpensive! 


Ahh...I want to do something like this so bad!  I think I'll have to do some de-cluttering first.

Do you have an Art Area or Creation Station you like or use?  
Put a link in the comments!  We want to see!


  1. You inspired me! I found a small bookshelf at a garage sale this morning and I am going to try to re-create something like this. I'll send you pictures when I'm done!



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