Monday, November 21, 2011

Thanksgiving Centerpieces {Pumpkin Decorating}

Do you still have pumpkins or gourds laying around?

Let your kiddo in on some process art!  Maybe even create a little centerpiece for Thanksgiving!

I admit, what I'm about to show you is about a month old.  Carter and I made these the night before we flew to Texas.  I didn't want to leave Daddy without pumpkins to put out for Halloween.  But here we are long after and I'm just now putting them on the computer.  They were just going to be passed up and stuck in this thing forever so as a last resort I thought, maybe you can adjust these ideas a bit for a Thanksgiving decor! 

So on the blog they go.

Button a Pumpkin.

Doesn't get much easier than this!

1. Glue
2. Tons of Dollar Store buttons

Carter was having so much fun, we had to "button the back!"

 Tape Resistant Art!

My cousin (shout out to Lauren!) shared this idea with me!  And it was a blast!

Carter's painting attention span lasts about :45 seconds per color.  Ha!  So this was a perfect activity for him.

Using Painter's Tape, cut the shape onto the pumpkin.

For Thanksgiving I'm thinking, maybe trying to cut a turkey, leaves, simple polka dots, or stripes.  What are your ideas?

Paint away!

MOM!  I need a napkin!!

Almost done!

Pull the tape off!  Tada!!

Note:  We used Crayola Finger Paints.  Not the best for painting a pumpkin.  It flakes off.  Would it last a day or two?  Yes.  

(And Carter 21 months)

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