Thursday, May 23, 2013

Mud Pie Table

With the sun finally coming out in Canada, we have been spending our days outdoors!

Our backyard is super TINY but there is a corner of the flowerbed that is designated as Carter's Corner.  It's not elaborate, in fact, until last weekend it was bare.  Empty.  Full of dirt = perfection.

He'd sit back there for hours with a few trucks or "diggers" plowing away.

Or with this massive one! :)

Well we decided to take the dirt a step further this summer.

I bought this lovely IKEA table set at a garage sale last year for $35.  

I knew when I bought it that it would be painted ASAP.  I just didn't know that ASAP would be like a year and a half later.

It had run its course in the house and was sitting in the garage waiting for me to use it.

Low and behold...

The Mud Pie Table

I painted the top black with chalkboard paint.  (Because we had it.)
Then I sprayed the legs with copper spray paint. (Because I like it.)

Found two mixing bowls at the grocery store.

Pie Break!  Then....

Had Daddy cut out two holes.

Now the bowls are fit level with the table!  A perfect work space.

The two bowls can be used for any materials really!
Right now, we're using water and dirt.
I have visions of using wood scraps, wood glue and paint.

Now if the rain could go away today we'd have a happy boy.  Because we all know that a dirty boy is a happy boy!

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