Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Early Childhood Brain Development

Can I speak with you in my office?

Please, close the door.

Take a seat....

Let's have a serious talk. Don't worry, you aren't in trouble and honestly, I don't even have an office!

BUT I really do want to talk with you about something I think that is important...

This blog started out as a way to not only keep our "teacher-brains" going while at home with our little ones but to honestly give our children the most we can. It was kind of a way to keep ourselves accountable and to hopefully inspire others to try new things whether it flops or takes off, which is always the day of a teacher. Here is a bit about why these early years are so important:

A common thought shared about teaching, parenting, or caring for young children is: It may not be the most intellectually stimulating job but it is full of love and fun.

Thankfully our job is full of love and fun but it doesn't get as much credit as it deserves in the other department. You know what I mean right? How this job isn't viewed by everyone as uber serious, intellectual, urgent, thoughtful, etc. I know that while in the classroom, I usually left work with glue on my skirt and marker on my hands. Now days, I constantly have food stuck on me somewhere. I get why we aren't viewed as the most serious profession ever. But I have some very serious information I would like to share with you because I want YOU to know seriousness of your job or role as a parent to young children and how what you do each day with your little ones impacts the future.

These first 8 years (known as Early Childhood) are so important and crucial to a person's development. You've noticed how your child grows and changes so quickly, right? Well, what you see in your child's physical appearance is just a little, tiny glimpse into what is going on with their BRAIN.

At birth, your child's brain is only 25% developed and they have BILLIONS of cells that haven't even been connected into working networks. By the time they are 3 years old, their brain has developed about 100 THOUSAND TRILLION connections...all from experience they've had in those 3 years! Crazy, right?

15 years looks like less, right? Well, after the first 3 years, it slows down a bit and their brain even begins to selectively "trash" some of those connections. The least important ones, we hope!!

The fact that their brain matures in the world, rather than in the womb, means children are deeply effected by their experiences. These early years are crucial. They are moldable, constantly learning and their personal "wiring" is happening.

Think of the brain as the organ of behavior, feelings/emotions, intelligence, creativity and values. How the brain is encoded during these first years of brain development establish life-long patterns for peace or for violence; for love or for hate; for mental excellence or mental mediocrity; for creative social harmony or for social alienation and discord.

No job could be more important than nurturing this, right?

Stay tuned for more Brain Development information, coming soon!


  1. (Hand in air) Oh, oh! Pick me! I'd love to help out with product reviews. Tully's 6 weeks. I would offer some blog design help too, but my HTML & Photoshop skills are extremely limited.

  2. Thank you Ashley!! Woo Hoo! I'll add you to our list and send you a private message! :)

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