Monday, May 30, 2011

A Look Back

I'm currently working on the next article in the Brain Development series. I'm very excited to announce that the next part will be published on I Can Teach My Child! I will give you all of the details once they are set, but it should be at the end of this week. I hope you can show us some lovin on her uber big blog! (Eeek...I'm getting major stage fright.)

In the mean time, we've had so many new followers join us recently! Welcome, we are so glad to have you! I hope you can take a look around and check out the About Page to get a better idea of who we are.

Here is a look back at some old posts that have been lost in the dust but can hopefully inspire some ideas for Baby Play!!

Whew, those boys have grown!

OH, and happy Memorial Day. Can you tell I live in China?

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