Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Independent Play Games (for babies!)

Let's be honest...there are days when you can't get everything done during naps. These days, you either leave your house messy, run errands with wet hair or try to do to two things at once (entertain baby and put your make up on).

Well, for these moments, try to use a few portable, meaningful, activities to engage baby to play independently while you finish up with those extra 5 minutes. We have a few that are mostly used in the bathroom and kitchen. :) Yes, they are babies (mine is 10 months) but they can do it! They will gain so much more from this, versus zoning into the tv, I promise!!!

Here are a few of Carter's current On-The-Go Independent play games:

1. Ping-Pong In the box. (Much like Suzie's Pumpkin Basketball)

A box
Several ping pong balls.

Teaching Tips:
1. First, you play with your child. Put the ping pong balls in, take them out. Play!! Talk while you play. "Put the ball in the box." "Take it out." "1, 2, 3 in the box!" etc.
2. Next, encourage them to play with out you!
3. Finally, they have it down! Bring out the old Box of Ping Pong in the kitchen! See how they do!
It won't be perfect! ;)
But this is hard work for those little guys!
Dumping them out.
Picking them up!
Back in they go!

2. Reach Up!

Suction cupped bath toys
More fun toys to hang onto the bath toys.

How to play:
1. Place the bath toys on a mirror, fridge, or window. (Place them at a height that is a bit of a challenge for baby to get to, but low enough it is possible!)
2. Hang some really cool objects from them!
3. Teach them to play by playing with them.
4. Encourage them to play on their own!

If I could just get a little bit higher.

Oh yeah!

Check out that reach!

(I'm usually doing my mascara right behind him.)

Got it!

3. In The Bucket

A few really cool objects
A bucket/box

How to Play:
Okay, so this is ALOT like the ping pong game and Suzie's pumpkin game...but he's really into this right now! Ha ha! Put it in, take it out, chew it...he loves it!

Blue, in the bucket!

Orange, in the bucket!

Blue out of the bucket.

Break time!

What is so great about these game is that not only are they engaging for baby but they are great for MOMMY! Quick to bring anywhere and quick to clean up! Score!

What fun games is your little one into at the moment?

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