Tuesday, December 7, 2010

12 Days of Learning: Snowmen ornaments (Handprint ornaments)

On the third day of Christmas my Grandkids gave to me,
A handprint ornament for our lovely tree!

These Christmas ornaments are extra special made with your child's handprints are on them. GUARANTEE...anyone who receives a present with your child's handprint on it will proudly display it year after year (especially grandparents and other family members. Remember to make one for your tree too!)

Step 1: Paint your child's hand with white acrylic paint

Step 2: Lay the ornament in child's open hand and have them
gently close their fingers around the ball. Remove the ornament
and you have 5 little snowmen on a bed of snow.

Step 3: After it has dried, add the details with paint pens or sharpie markers.

Step 4: Make it pretty by tying a pretty bow on the top and you are done!

A nice tradition would be to have a handprint ornament or a photo ornament of each year as your child grows up. Then you can pass them down to your child when they leave. As for my grown children, NO, you don't get them, not yet. You need to come over and see your ornaments. Maybe you can have them next year. :)

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