Thursday, December 9, 2010

12 Days of Learning: Rice Baby Jesus

On the sixth day of Christmas my mommy gave to me,
a brand new little baby. (I'm not pregnant!)

We started off by reading the Christmas Story in our little board book Bible. It is VERY Baby appropriate. Each Bible story is two pages long, maybe 10 sentences and very colorful!

Then we played a bit in his new Sand & Water Table! Thanks Grammy!
If you are still looking for Baby/Toddler gift ideas, I totally recommend getting one of these. These are great, AWESOME, amazing, and fine motor development galore!! Fill up both sides with all kinds of fun stuff; sand, water, oatmeal, bubbles or in this case...rice!

Then we made a little baby Jesus! This is a straight up steal from ELP. Who knows if we will make it back to the US for Carter to make one he gets one here! (And now, I'm crying, no joke...why did I have to type that!?)

Step 1: Fill the pantyhose or knee high stockings just a bit, then knot it. This makes the head.

Step 2: Fill the rest up with even more rice, then knot it! Makes the body!

This is how you hold the baby!

Step 4: Swaddle him up and draw a face!
Step 5: Give that baby some love! And Carter is loving the baby! Sweetest thing ever!!!

Teacher Tip:
Kiddos not only need to be nurtured but they need to learn how to nurture. It is such an important social and emotional skill! It is OKAY and wonderful for little boys to love on a baby doll!! He will be a great Daddy someday!

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