Thursday, December 9, 2010

12 Days of Learning: Reindeer Aprons

On the fifth day of Christmas, Rudolph gave to me,
a reindeer apron to match the reindeer painting.

Looking for a fun activity and a gift a loved one will cherish and use year after year? This is a great spin off the reindeer hand and foot painting Suz did! I would say, great for kiddos old enough to wear the apron and help baking some Christmas goodies!

Well, go to you local Hobby Lobby, Walmart, Michaels, etc. Sarah, not too sure where you would go for this in China. I think it is time to move home :) Purchase white aprons. They are VERY inexpensive and can be full or just half aprons.

With fabric paint, paint your child's hands brown and have them place them side by side.

Then connect the handprints with a brown paint pen in the shape of a triangle. If they are old enough...let them do it! It may be crooked or wobbly but all the more special!

Add two large googly eyes or paint them on

and a big fluffy pom pom for the nose.

A mom made these for our Breakfast with Santa last year and they were adorable. I don't have one of my own at home. Hint hint! But wearing these while baking Santa's cookies will make it extra special!

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