Saturday, December 11, 2010

12 Days of Learning: Sneaky Math Activities

On the seventh day of Christmas my Grammy gave to me:
Fun ways to hide math games!
Don't tell the kids, but here a couple of ways to encourage eye-hand, small motor and math development during the Christmas holidays. It is also a great filler for those times when there hands need to be busy so that you can use your hands dong something else. :)

#1 The Old fashioned paper chains:

Offer strips of red, green, white construction paper cut 1" wide. Have the tape dispenser handy and have your child loop and tape the strips in AB order (red/green/red/green). Add a white one in the mix for ABC pattern, (red/green/white...) Then have him make up his own pattern. This activity will help develop all the skills listed above.

To make this even prettier with a little more interest, cut strips from assorted wrapping paper. Remember to add a foil paper in there somewhere for extra sparkle.

#2 Pony Bead Candy Canes:

Purchase packages of red, green and white pony beads and pipe cleaners from Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Michaels. pour them in a bowl. Cut the pipe cleaners in half and fold the end of the pipecleaner to keep the beads in place.

Encourage your child to pattern the beads to make a candy cane. When they are tired of making candy canes just ask them to create any ornament using the same supplies. You will be surprised at what they will create. I think we still have a peace sign (Brandon) from years past.

*When your child is making the candy canes, remember to remind them of the shepherd's staff and how they travelled from afar to see the baby Jesus.

#3 Popsicle stick stars:

Take several popsickle sticks, glue and sparkley jewels, confetti or glitter.

Have your child glue three sticks criss -cross to make a star. After they have dried, decorate them with confetti, jewels or glitter. They sky is the limit. You ask where is the math? Well how do three sticks make six points? Hmmmmmmm.

This is also a great way to tie in the bright, shiny Christmas star. Tell them that when we let our light shine through out the year, it will brighten our world and other's, as well.

Most of all, HAVE FUN!!!!


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