Wednesday, December 8, 2010

12 Days of Learning: Reindeer Games

On the forth day of Christmas Santa left for me:
Cute little reindeer feet!!
The Wild Christmas Reindeer
This is a great book to read to kids that will sit and listen!!

I had a few friends over for a painting play group! It was a hit! The kids played, the mommies painted hands and feet, and everyone was happy!
Supplies Needed:
Dark Brown Paint ( I used acrylic)
Lighter Brown Paint
Red pom poms
Wiggle eyes
Card stock

Paint your child's foot one shade of brown. Dark brown foot, light antlers, or light brown foot with dark antlers... all the same cuteness! Doesn't matter.
 Paint each hand and place on the top of the foot by the toes!

 Add eyes and a nose! Nose can be at the bottom or up top! Still sooo cute!
Top it off with a bow, and it is ready to go!
When painting with an infant, use only feet! Hands are much to messy! Foot for the face, and two little feet up top!
Add Girly google eyes for the ladies!

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