Thursday, December 16, 2010

12 Days of Learning: Traveling Activities for Baby

On the 9th day of Christmas mommy gave to Carter,
some sensory bottles to play with while we travel.

Well, we are here! Okay, I guess here online could be anywhere...but we are home, in the good old US of A! Sorry for the little delay on posts. As you can imagine, over 24 hours of travel, alone, with a little one can wear you down a bit! But it is 3:00 am, I'm jet I figured this is a perfect time to blog!

Little Carter man did well on our 14 hour flight and the little, tiny, 2 hour flight! He slept in my arms, on and off the whole time. However, while he was awake, I needed some little activities to keep him interested. These activites needed to be small, light, quite and engaging. No one likes a crying baby on a plane...especially mama!

(Sorry, no pictures in action...another thing people don't like is someone taking pictures on a plane!)

His top 3 ...
  1. Ping pong balls.
  • Of course he played a variation of THESE with a drink cup or the barf-bag you find in seat in front of you.

  • He also gave it to Mommy. Then I gave it to Carter! (Very exciting)

  • You know he licked them and lost a few. But for .50 cents for 6, who cares!?
2. Clothes pins with little Santa faces on them. (Chinese Dollar Store)
  • I clipped them on the magaizines in the pouch in front of us and he would pull them off! He LOVED this! This is wonderful fine motor practice too!
3. Magazines in the pouch in front of us. (I'm not being lazy...he loved this! Did it for hours!)
  • He took them out, one by one. There is TONS of stuff in those pouches! Then I put them back in. He took them out, I put them back in. Super fun and working out those muscles!

This is seriously what we did for 14 hours from China to the US and again for 2 hours from Chicago to Houston. You are jealous, right?

We have a car ride to Dallas coming up and for this is what I made for some car ride fun:

I used this stuff:

-Water bottles and the water
-baby oil
-vegetable oil
-food coloring
-red and silver beads, birthday candles, plastic farm animals from Target, foam letters from CVS (put any colorful objects you can fit into a bottle)

to make these fun sensory bottles:

Lava Bottles:
The blue, yellow and red are the liquid sensory bottles. The mixture of water and baby oil (or any oil) will move like a lava lamp! Add fun objects to see how they move about in the water. Notice how the water and oil never fully mix. (Chemistry for Pre-School!)

I-Spy Bottle:
The white is rice with silver beads and foam letters. Shake this bottle up and see what you can find! Add little pictures of the family for some real fun!

**If baby can open bottles, fill the lid with hot glue and twist on. Done!
Safe Travels!

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