Sunday, January 2, 2011

12 Days of Christmas: Epiphany Cookies

On the 10th Day of Christmas my grandkids gave to me,
lots of cookies to decorate and eat.

We are back from a wonderful Christmas holiday, filled with tons of family memory making.

Did you know that the TRUE 12 Days of Christmas start on December 25 and end twelve days later on January 5? These twelve days after Christmas is also known as Epiphany, the time when the three wise men followed a star to meet the new King, little baby Jesus.

Baking cookies is a fun tradition in most families during the holiday season and is a great way to extend the holidays. It is not only a lesson in math and science with the measuring, pouring, counting spoonfuls, etc., it can be a Bible story or a devotion.

  1. Star Cookie Cutter: The angel told the three wise men to follow the star and, when they did, it took them to Bethlehem where they found Jesus. They gave Him their gifts: a bag of gold, a jar of frankincense, the perfume of flowers sort of like potpourri, and a special box of myrrh - the perfume of spices.
  2. Heart Cookie Cutter: The heart represents love. What do you think of when you see the heart? Do you know that God loves you and He loved you so much He gave you a sacrificial gift, His Son, Jesus? Sacrificial? What's that? you have something that you really love -- more than almost anything? You only have one like it - maybe a special blanket - and you give it away. Well, that's what sacrificial means. Let's say all you had in the whole world was one dollar and you were hungry but you saw someone else who was also hungry. You took your dollar and bought the other hungry person food. That would be giving a sacrifice.
  3. Cross Cookie Cutter: The cross represents life. The cross represents Jesus, the reason for the season. The baby Jesus grew up and He learned to walk and talk and became a man. He went to the cross and died for our sins. Jesus went to Heaven to be with His heavenly Father. When we believe in Him, He forgives our sins and then, one day, we will live in Heaven with Jesus forever.
  4. Candle Cookie Cutter: The candle represents light of the Holy Spirit. Matthew 5:16 says we are to let our light shine. Our faith, thoughts and feelings are to be full of light. Light gives a welcome feeling. Christmas gives a special opportunity to let our light shine. We can tell others about Jesus and that Christmas is His birthday.

After baking the cookies, frost them or lightly dust them with powdered sugar. Divide them onto plates, making sure that each plate has at least one of each shape. Let your children help distribute them to family and friends.

Even though the receivers of these decorated cookies may not know the meaning of each of the cookie shapes, those who made them do. Meanwhile, the "bakers" have learned a bit more about the story of Christmas and the message of Christ...and special memories are made.
We forgot to take pictures of our cookie making! But enjoy this one!

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