Monday, January 17, 2011

Learning Stations for Itty Bitty Babies

I had a mom approach me at a birthday party Saturday and asked if my kids really don't watch TV.  I said yes, they just play and play and play.  (I think it helps having a built in playmate!)
I don't have an issue with TV, I know all kids are going to eventually watch TV.  I know second (or third in my case) children watch TV very early.  I have no beef with TV.  And I am not judging if you need it for a 20 minute break... believe me, I totally get it.
I just don't want to be the one to put it on for them, I am waiting for them to be old enough to tell me that they want to watch it.  And don't get me wrong, the TV is on during Ellen, and the Today Show, but they pay no attention.  Except for the random dance moves from Hudson when that car commercial would come on singing "Holiday, O Holiday..."

I digress, sorry. Anyways, this mom asked me what she could do other than put on the TV.  And here is what I did when my kids were 3-5 months old.

I set up our upstairs like a classroom!  I created stations for learning/playing!

My stations:
  • Tummy Time Mat w/mirror propped up on the wall (practicing rolling, strength training as my husband called it)
  • Luke, 3 1/2 months
  • Exersaucer (discovery time)
  • Hudson, 3 1/2 months
  • Bumbo w/ play tray and several big objects/toys (to practice reaching out with their hands, and even switching hands)
  • Bumbo with play tray and toys
      I gave them several objects to try to reach out for.
  • Jumperoo (leg conditioning)
  • Luke, 3 1/2 months
  • Boppy and or pillows stacked high (to practice sitting up)
  • Luke, 4 1/2 months
  • Mommy time (no tv, computer, or cell phone, just one on one, talking, reading, cuddling)
  • They happen to be sleeping in this picture, but it was the only picture I could find.
    Usually I was alone and no one was here to take a picture of us reading or singing songs.
  • Swing time (rest break)
  • Rest Stop
We would spend 10-15 minutes at each station and then switch. Sometimes we made it to only 3 or 4 before a feeding or a nap. So, then when we came back, we hit the stations that we never had a chance to go to. It kept me entertained, them entertained, and everyone happy!

Just like in teaching, I would visit the stations and talk to them about what they were doing.  I would spend time laying on the floor with them during tummy time, talking about how hard they were working and how good it was! I just tried to soak up that age as much as I could because before you know it, they are another month older!


  1. you are such a great mommy!!

  2. Thanks! I am definitely going to try more organized stations each day.



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