Monday, January 24, 2011

Valentine's Day for little people!

Valentine's Day is three weeks away, and I have a few fun ideas to share with you to give you a jump start!

Art Activity:
Ice cube painting! This is really fun, easy, and not as messy as real paint! And, I save the jumbo craft sticks after they are done, and just reuse them!

Supplies Needed:
Jumbo craft sticks cut in half, foil, and an ice cube tray.
  1. Fill an ice cube tray with water, cover with foil.
  2. Stick craft sticks through the foil into the trays.
  3. Freeze
Grab a box of red (or any color) Jello.
Draw a few hearts or leave the paper blank.
Sprinkle the dry Jello onto the paper, and let your child use the ice pops to paint! 

He is using his five senses! I love it!

Let dry and cut into hearts or hang up as is!!

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Tune:  Row Your Boat 
Love, love, is all around,

It will grow with you.
Show it, tell it,
Feel it, share it.
Make it part of you!

I Love You! 
Tune: Three Blind Mice 
I love you!  I love you! 
Yes, I do.  Yes, I do.

I love you every night and day. 
I love you when I work and play. 
I love you in so many ways.
I love you!

  • Candy heart sorting: printable sorting mats and graphs can be found here at ABC School House (also other fun Valentine printables too!)
  • Symmetry:
  • Cut out a heart and put paint in the shape of half a heart on one side.
  • Fold and press down lightly. Ta-da! 

Valentine Mail Boxes:
There are probably about 1,000 ways you can decorate a shoe box to collect valentines in. I chose to make ours like a post office mailbox. It is more 'boyish' for Valentine's Day!

Tape the lid on, and use a knife to cut a hole in the front.

Cut a hole in the back so you can easily remove the Valentines!
Cover the box in blue construction paper.
Add a flag, hearts, and decorations!
    The boys didn't help me with this, but they did sit and eat lunch while I worked on it. We have a party to attend on Valentine's Day, and I thought all the kids would enjoy shoving valentines into the slot! Although, we are going to have to practice doing this!

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