Friday, January 21, 2011

More Fun in the Sensory Table: Cheerios!

The latest fun in the sensory table is edible!! Needless to say, it has been a hit!

This was Carter first thing in the morning. He is NOT happy to see the lid on. Can you tell?

And he's off!! I added spoons and the toys with handles and scoops. I'm going to try and keep these on hand for daily practice. We're gearing up for self-spoon feeding.

Hard @ Work!

His work area.


You do not need a sensory table (sand and water table) to do this! Tupperware works just as well!

Check out the skills involved in this fun:

  1. Smell, check!
  2. See, check!
  3. Taste, check!
  4. Touch, check!
  5. Hear, check!
Fine Motor:
They use their pincer grasp to grab the tiny Cheerios AND use their fine motor skills to grab the tools.

Self Help:
This is another Early Childhood skill that the little ones are developing at the moment. Carter's trough-o-Cheerios is defiantly letting him practice "self help." However, we may be practicing Childhood Obesity Skills too....he LOVES going into his room and grabbing some Cheerios! Ha ha!

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  1. Omgosh! That first picture of Carter is too cute! Like, MOM why is the lid on!? Great idea! I just can see me following Luke with the dust buster!



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