Saturday, January 29, 2011

Learning with Shaving Cream

One of Carter's new favorite places in our "house" is the shower.

So we've been spending a lot of time in the bathroom lately. He likes to go in and out. Make silly faces against the glass, then like for me to make them back. He squeals so loud, it is so much fun!

So, I started wracking my brain to think of a way to extend this fun and get even more out of it. Low and behold:


I've been dying to do this with my own kiddos every since I taught Pre-K! This was always one of my student's favorite activities! I even used an adapted version when I taught 1st grade and 4th grade!

I just squirted some on the glass pane and let him have at it.

He squished it. Smeared it. Smelled it.

Wrote on the glass with it. (Look at that concentration!) In "Teacher Talk" we say: He is developing his Pre-Writing Skills!

Another Carter masterpiece!

All done! And guess what? Time for a bath! See how easy that is?

Squeeze some in a zip lock to bring the fun along with you. If we didn't have to buy shaving cream imported I'd use more in the shower and in the baggie. But Daddy's got to shave! :)

Teacher Tips: (3 Years Old to Adult. :)
  1. Squirt it on a table or tray.
  2. Have them draw or practice writing using their pointer finger.
  3. Quiz them on shapes, numbers, letters....and Spelling Words! Studying for the Spelling Test can be fun too!!

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