Monday, May 16, 2011

DIY: Matching and Tactile Letter Cards

I've been MIA.
SO.... You get TWO ideas for the price of one!
But, this is what our yard looks like:
So needless to say, my free time has been spent outside, cleaning up dirt, giving baths, and doing laundry.
But, they LOVE the dirt so much, that I decided to bring a little inside!

I decided to make my own tactile letter cards using the dirt in the back yard!
I picked the letters in their name, but you can just pick a couple. (Try not to put them in alphabetical order, sometimes I think the kids just memorize the song.) Use school liquid glue, glitter glue, or tacky glue... and then sprinkle your letters with (dirt in my case) glitter, jello powder, sand, colored sand, tiny pebbles (like fish gravel). Let dry. And touch away! (Hold their hand and show them how to touch and say each letter. Do it over and over.)
Teacher Tips:
If you child is left handed, put the letters on the left side of the page, so he can hold it with his right hand and touch with his left. (Look at Luke's card for example.)

DIY: Matching Animal Cards:
Seems so easy, but is a great skill to work on! AND the boys have no idea they are learning, they just think we are playing! I LOVE this age! Everything is so new and fun!

Print the animal cards from here: Counting Coconuts
Why re-invent the wheel?? Tons of awesome stuff is out there, just use it and make it your own!

So here is what I did:
I printed two sets, just on regular paper. Nothing fancy here, my kids will destroy it anyway.
First, I wanted to see if they could just match cow to cow, and etc. Start with just 3-4 pictures on one side and then slowly add more or take some away.

Store them in a plastic baggies and tack the baggies to the playroom wall... wait, what?? Sorry, my organizational skills went out the window when the twins came.

THEN (another day when you want to feel good about yourself)... see if they can match the baby animals to the right mommy!!!! (But start with a small stack first!)

If this is a bust, try it again in a few weeks. I promise it is the BEST feeling when they can do it!

Remember, I am not super mom. My house is a mess, I have laundry to fold, and this activity only took 30 seconds to print and cut. (Stack them all together and cut once!!)
And we played for 3-5 minutes. But, I feel better about my day knowing we did something fun together!

Also shared at We Play and ABC123.


  1. Love, love, love both ideas! I can't wait to print out the animal pictures. C is obsessed with animals at the moment!

  2. You're brave bringing the dirt inside :) But I love it! Great way to use something they're interested in to teach.

  3. Love love love this idea. I really like how simple but sensory it is. (I can't wait to try it with Jell-o so I can add the sense of smell too!) P.S. adorable blog, I'm excited to follow you! PPS are you on Twitter?

  4. OH my goodness...I just checked out your blog! Fabulous!!! Now, following along too! It makes the days easier to make them fun, that is for sure!!

    We aren't on Twitter...should we be?
    We are on Facebook. I see you are too! I'm "Liking" you as we speak!!

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog too!! When all your dust is cleared up you should set up a twitter account. That way you can tweeet your comments of other's blogs and you can let people know when you have a new post. Good luck with your remodel!

  6. oh gosh, we should explain a little to new followers! There are 3 of us who blog on here! Sarah is the main one, she lives in China at the moment, but is moving to Canada next month. Her mother, my mother in law, is also a blogger on here giving all sorts of advice, and then I try to blog on Mondays!
    But, I am a new follower o your blog too!!

  7. Looks like so much fun!

  8. Thanks for sharing at Outdoor Play! I love the dirt letters idea and especially the tip for us often-overlooked lefties! ;-)

  9. Great idea with the texture cards! Thanks for linking up to Toddler Talk.

  10. Tactile cards are great idea! And you're right about adding some space in time between trying something again, from the things that didn't interest them on 1st try. It's really amazing in which pace toddlers develop both their motor and cognitive skills! :)



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