Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Big Trip Prep: Things That Go Book

Lately, I've been planning for our big trip home. (From China to the US.) This is going to be our toughest trip yet. Each trip brings new challenges because, as you know, every couple of months your child has new interests, needs and physical abilities (aka: jogging). So over 24 hours in and out of airports and train stations calls for LOTS of little activities.

I try to plan things that are:
  • disposable
  • cheap or free
  • light
  • quiet
  • easy to pack
  • engaging
Travel Activity #1: Things That Go Book (and Matching Game)

My little guy is completely obsessed "things that go." Transportation, that is, and honestly, the bigger, the better.

He gets so excited when he sees a bus, concrete mixer or dump truck that he can't get his words out fast enough! To him, they are all called 'da' or 'gu.' But he will yell it over and over again, in the sweetest, most excited, high pitched voice, pointing at the bus, truck or concrete mixer until I chime in, "Oh wow, that is a bus!!" I love it. Such simple joy.

So I created a simple Transportation Nomenclature book. This isn't fancy by any means. But, it fits all of the criteria. Also, he helped me proof read it and loved it! Score!

I will print two copies:
  1. One will be bound in a folder by brads.
  2. The other will be cut outs of the pictures for a matching game. (Pictures coming later!)
Here is the preview, if it works.

To print a copy of your own, click HERE.



  1. Visiting from We Teach.
    Nice post! I love that you made this book for your son and shared it for others.

    I have a great construction equipment book recommendation. Dazzling Diggers

  2. Thanks Michelle!

    I'm always on the lookout for new books!! I will have to pick it up while in the US!!! Sounds like a match for my little buddy! :)


  3. It's so terrific to see the efforts you have made to make a long journey 'educational' and your suggestions for light-weight/cheap are spot on!!

    May you have travel mercies & all go easily -- with your preparation I can imagine it will.

  4. GREAT idea. I love that you are using it for a matching game, too. Many thanks for sharing with us!
    My son and I made this
    project and it has been a huge hit for us. We don't travel as far as you do, but it is our go-to car entertainment. It's really versatile and you can do a lot with it for various ages.

    Now following you! Love this blog.

  5. wow that is a long trip! Your blog is great by the way-look forward to reading more!

  6. Lovely to see you at the Play Academy. Thanks for sharing this idea - just in time for summer holiday season :)



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