Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Father's Day Craft!

I'm back with another hand/foot print craft for Father's Day!

If you are my husband, please stop reading. This will take out all the fun for you on Sunday!

Okay, I hope he stopped reading.

My husband and father in law are sports fanatics. The boys watch more ESPN and Sports Center than most children. So I wanted to make something for them both to have for their office to remind them of the twins.

Supplies Needed:
Brown Paint
Orange Paint
White Paint
Card Stock
Black Paint pen or Sharpie

Really Easy:

Paint a foot brown.
Add 3 white stripes
Outline with Sharpie
 Paint a hand orange.
Add basketball lines with sharpie or paint pen!
Print words on Cardstock, here Most Valuable Daddy
And Frame!
If I was smart, like you guys.... I would print the words on white cardstock first, and then add the hands and feet around it, so there is less glue and cut mess!

Happy Happy Father's Day!

We did this at a play date today! So fun!



  1. LOVE it cute idea for sure! thanks

  2. Super cute! I love the originality of it. I shared it on my Facebook page :)


  3. Amanda... Funny you read this blog!! I actually searched all through your blog trying to find a picture of what I wanted to do in my head. Thinking for sure it would have been done already...
    I ADORE your blog! You are super creative!



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