Monday, June 6, 2011

Teachers Pay Teachers... watch their students, while they sneak off for a Snicker's Break.

Don't worry, that is a joke!

Teachers Pay Teachers is a website. A fabulous website.

It is a place where teachers can create little, virtual, stores to sell the teaching materials they create (for like $2.00). Think: Etsy for teacher created materials!

This is a fabulous new tool for many reasons:

1. There are NEVER enough books, games, resources, ideas, tools, etc. to teach EVERYTHING you need to teach to all of the oh-so-different learners. So teachers create. It is lots of work, no lie. So now there is a place to share. Sharing is caring, right!?

2. Remember this post? It generated A BILLION hits. Not really a billion, but lots for us. Most teachers agreed to constantly having to "tweak" teaching materials. Sharing materials is a great time saver!

3. Teacher-tested and Kid-approved printable materials are available for everyone to enjoy and learn with! Awww, thank you internet.

Now, most of these materials are not quite appropriate for our toddlers, just yet. There are a few though. But if you have older kiddos (Pre-K and up) there are TONS for you!

A Fun Summer Science Project @ Home:
Here is a FREE, printable, book about the Venus Fly Trap, from the store Primary Graffiti. A sure kiddy fascination! A plant that eats bugs? Talk about exciting!

This would be such a fun little book to read while actually growing a Venus Fly Trap that you can purchase HERE.

Thanks Primary Graffiti for sharing!

These are the activities I can't wait to do!! In the mean time, we are enjoying the pictures in the book!

Oh...I guess I should add that you do NOT have to be a teacher to enjoy the site!!

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  1. I've bought and sold things on TpT and love it. That is where I've found my favorite lessons.



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