Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Letter Recognition

Letter recognition seems to be a favorite of Carter's at the moment.  He only knows a select few, but he seems to spot these letters everywhere!

He'll shout:

"C"for Carter
"D"for Daddy
"M" (or "N" or "W") for Mommy
"L" for Lucy, our dog
and a few other select letters.

This all began with reading.  Then more specifically, ABC specific books like:

So recently, I decided to take it a step further.  A little experiment, if you will! :)

Up went a Word Wall in his space downstairs.  This is a "tool" that we were required to use while teaching in Texas.  However, I adapted it a bit for his age.

We are starting with words that he is very familiar with.  Like his family!  A picture is attached to the word to add meaning to the crazy letters on the wall!  :)

One color word.  A color that he never misses!  

Next will be yellow...his new favorite.

Finally, a word that is a Big Deal at the moment!  Two!  As he just turned two years old!

I added the two pom poms as counting objects.  

Adding labels to your house can also happen in a much more natural way than a Word Wall. 
  • Just write an object word on an index card.  (Chair, table, bed, bath, potty, etc.)
  • And tape it on the object while your child is watching.  
  • Explain what the word says.

 Teacher tip:
Talk about the labels around your house or on your Word Wall.
Talk about the letters.
Make connections like "Look at all of the M's in Mommy!  Let's count them!"



  1. I love your "Word Wall"! We have one in our playroom for our 3 year old. It's a picture word wall so far and the pictures correlate with the letter of the week units we do. I'm getting ready to add some words to it. Your advice is dead on and I love it.

  2. This is adorable! I love how he shouts out things that start with specific letters! So what a great idea to bring it to the next level, reading tailored fitted to your child! So awesome! I pinned this to my board Great ideas! Thanks!

  3. Great stuff! Want to try this at the new house.

  4. I LOVE this post! Thanks Sarah. I have a two-year-old to try out your ideas with. :)

  5. Great idea...I shared this similar idea a few months back. I like our use of pictures with the words. We generally draw a picture next to the word. Cute ideas!

  6. I love your ideas for words for him! Raising Confident Readers by Gentry has great suggestions for adding labels around your house and things to do to extend the learning with the labels. We've labeled a lot of stuff and it seems to be helping!

    1. Oh, I'll have to check out that book! I'm always looking for new reads!! Thank you!



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