Thursday, February 17, 2011

DIY: Fine-Motor Games

This week, Carter has been hard at work!

A few recent events, such as Carter's Birthday Party/Parent Party, Chinese New Year and making a playroom for Carter, have left us with some wonderful trash, errr, I mean treasures!

Disclaimer: I'm not a Hoarder. However, when I have my Teaching Goggles on, random items may briefly be turned into a game or toy for my child before making way to the trash can. (A running joke of my husband's is that I need to write a Poor-Man's Guide to Children's Toys.)

1. I took some styrofoam from our IKEA dresser packaging (see above pic) and added some grass and blue sky colored with marker. Outlet covers made some clouds and birthday candle holders made the flowers!

Carter can pull them out and put them in a cup to work his pincer grasp!

I tried to encourage him to push them back in...but it wasn't happening.

Use this to teach sorting. Encourage your child to decide if the objects go on the grass or in the sky! (A bit advanced for this age though.)

2. Chocolate-box sorter and plastic "mini-adult drink" cups.

The goal here is to try to place the cup in the sorter. You'd be surprised how difficult this can be with those little chubby hands!! :)

He does really well sometimes and other times he can get really frustrated.

3. Christmas clothespins and a Baby Wipe Box

This is really self-explanatory, but the cool thing about this is that it used to be SO hard for him. He wanted to be able to do this so bad but he just couldn't get the clothespins in there. He would get so frustrated. However, two nights ago he got them in, all of them!!

(sorry for sideways)

Now, he is obsessed with this game. Today he played it 4 times in a row!! It still takes him a while but he is getting much faster!

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