Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Physical Challenge: Baby Obstacle Course

Remember the "Physical Challenge" from Double Dare? I always wanted to be on that show! I would have ALWAY accepted the physical challenge!!

Well, when Carter began crawling I was so excited about all the new possibilities that we could do together! Some days, while he was sleeping, I would create an Obstacle Course for him to complete when he woke up. This was so much fun for him (and me) and was a great way to get more Large Motor practice out of his new skills!

Here is an example from when he was about 9 months old.

The Obstacle Course went all the way around the ottoman. (Whew, big course!!)

First Obstacle: Through the tunnel.
Place blankets over two pieces of furniture.

Course View.

Obstacle Two: Around the Box.

Put a blockade in their path. They will have to figure a way around it!

Obstacle Three: Over the Pillow Mountain.

They have to use extra muscles to climb Mt. Pillow!

Obstacle Four: Through the Cave.

Cover that Tummy-Time jungle gym with a blanket to create a "cave".

Let's take a look at the Course in action!! The video begins after the tunnel...he spent lots of time getting around that box (and playing inside of it). Please excuse my annoying commentary. Apparently, my "talking to Carter" voice is overly high-pitched and peppy.

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