Monday, February 28, 2011

Mother Goose Mondays

Have you guys figured out my day to post is Monday?? I have this idea that I want to do a nursery rhyme every Monday, but I don't know if I will be able to stick to it... we shall see!

First, I think every home should have a good copy of Mother Goose rhymes. (It really shocked me as a teacher, how kids today don't know nursery rhymes.)  Here are a few of my favorites:
This copy has beautiful artwork. I just love M.E.!

This was the copy we grew up with. Very Traditional.

We got this copy as a Christmas present. 
Can't go wrong with Disney. It is cute.

One of our favorite times of day around our house is when it is time to put on our shoes. The boys love saying the word shoe, picking up shoes, wearing shoes. I think they know they will get out of the house if they have their shoes on!!

So This week's Mother Goose Monday is:

There was an Old Women who Lived in a Shoe
There was an old woman who lived in a shoe;
She had so many children she didn't know what to do.
She gave them some broth and two slices of bread;
She kissed them all fondly, then sent them to bed.

First Read through: 
Older Children: Go over vocabulary. What is broth? Kissing Fondly? etc.
Younger Children: Have them sit in your lap as you read this. Then read it again and: Touch their feet when you say shoe. Shrug your shoulders and make the 'I don't know' arms for this poor sad old lady. And kiss them fondly!

Activities to extend this nursery rhyme:
Shoe Matching:
Grab pairs of their shoes, mom's shoes, dad's shoes, baby shoes, boots. Put in a pile and have them sort the shoes and see if they can find matching pairs! The older the child, the more pairs you should have!
Cardboard Shoe:
Draw the shape of a boot onto cardboard and cut it out. 
Older Children:
Punch holes around the outside to practice 'sewing' with yarn, ribbon, or a shoe lace.
Look through magazines and glue pictures of children onto the shoe.
Younger children:
Finger paint on the shoe. 
Use the shoe as a puppet as you read.

Using Food:
Toast bread and use a shoe shaped cookie cutter, or cut out your own boot shape.
Have soup for lunch and call it broth!

Bridging the Connections:
I don't know if yall read as many books as we do, but there is always a way to make connections in the books you read daily. 
We are on a BIG No David, by David Shannon; kick around here.  So, as I am reading it for the 22nd time today. I am asking questions like, "Where are David's shoes?" or "remember that poor old woman who lived in her shoe?" But it can be any book. Spot all the shoes. Point to them. Even talk about how different jobs/weather need different kinds of shoes. (Fireman, basketball star, ballet, rain boots, snow shoes, etc.)

Seriously, who knew talking about shoes would consume my day. But the things you do for your children. I mean, when will I stop shouting airplane every time I see one?? 


  1. Oh yes! My youngest is 23 and I still moo at cows!

    Love these ideas to extend a nursery rhyme, particularly the Old Woman one. Another favourite activity of mine is once kids know the rhyme by heart, have them innovate on it and change it slightly. eg There was an old woman who lived in a mitten - now what could come next?

  2. I love Mother Goose, what a fun idea.

    My daughter goes through phases of obsession with shoes as well.



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