Monday, February 14, 2011

Learning Colors

I have had two friends in the past few weeks tell me some great ideas on how they got their children to learn their colors.

One great idea: Colored Paper plates! Pick a color for the day, or the week. (Eat on them too!)
Next, go on a color scavenger hunt in magazines! Cut or rip out the pictures and glue them on to the paper plate of the same color. When the plate is full, play a game of ispy and then hang up some where in your house that your child will see it. 
Don't forget foods that go along with your color of the day or week!


Get your camera handy and get ready for a day of dress up!
1. Pick a color!
2. Dress your child in that color!
3. Find toys, books, stuffed animals, blankets, etc. (Are you following me yet??)
4. Make your child sit with all these items and take a picture!
5. Print this picture
6. Put them in one of those cheap flip photo books, or make your own bag book!
My kids were asleep already! Sorry!
After you do all this, just think about all the things you could work on with this one picture!! Ask questions like: Can you find the ___, Now go bring me the ____, What sound does that make?, What color are you wearing?, the possibilities are endless! (Don't forget to play ispy!!)

I plan on taking a picture of each child alone, and add some of their favorite things in the pictures to change it up!

These ideas come to you from my sweet friends Tara and Allison!! Thanks ladies!
Color Word Songs: I have the CD of these songs by Frog Street Press.  Frog Street Press sells a book at the teacher supply store, and you can print these songs onto colored card stock! Learning is 100 times more fun when you can sing while you learn too!
If you want to 'borrow' my CD and live near me, please feel free to ask me for it!

And lastly, Happy Valentine's Day! Need a last minute craft?? Check out this beautiful artwork done completely by Luke!
All you need is paint, a toilet paper or paper towel roll, and some paper! Fold the toilet paper roll to look like a heart, and then let your child stamp away! Once again, not my idea, but hey... no need to reinvent the wheel around here! Want more specific directions: Daily Candy

Have a great day, and do something special for that little loved one! (We are doing heart shaped pancakes and heart shaped canadian bacon! I know, I know... I'm sickening.) I just love sharing the love on Valentine's Day! 

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  1. I once saw a blog where they did a color a day lunch. Where they used a muffin tin and everything they served was from one color family that day.Or just on a plate.



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