Saturday, February 26, 2011

Spice Rack Bookshelves: UPDATE

Unlike Suzie's boys, who love books, Carter hasn't really cared about them too much. He hasn't hated them, but I could have gone a day with out reading and he would not have cared.

Well, apparently, even little babies are seduced by the pressures of marketing! (Should that last sentence have an exclamation point?) Our new IKEA spice racks really show off that brightly-colored cover art! It really pulls him in! And the fact that they are low to the ground, right at his level makes them easy to grab, all on his own! He is OBSESSED. Success!!

The books are now his first stop in the morning! This can make it difficult to get him dressed though.

He even has three favorite books! Who is this kid?


He brings these to me constantly!

This book is brought to me lots too...but he can only make it through a few pages right now. I think he really likes the raccoons though!

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